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I provided links to my sounds but I cannot hear anything when entering an area. What can I do?
Make sure your files are in mp3 format and the volume slider in every area has enough gain. Also check that every link points to the actual file name, so no short or encoded URLs are used. For example: (valid) X (invalid)

If you are using DropBox you must provide "public links". Non-public links will not work with SonicMaps. For example: (valid) X (invalid)

These public links are automatically provided when you place your audio files in the dropbox "Public" folder. However, newer dropbox accounts no longer have this Public folder by default, so you can:

Option 1. Manually create a Public folder as documented here.
Option2. Modify your links to force the file download. Just replace the part saying "" with "". Using this method you can place your audio files anywhere in your dropbox folder. For example: (valid)
Is it possible to experience a project without an Internet connection?
Yes, it is possible to download a project and all its audio content before you start a soundwalk. This can be done by using the "Wi-fi preload" option available when downloading a project while connected to a wifi hotspot. The project and audio files will then be saved to your device's internal memory and will be accesible during your walk without an internet connection. On the contrary, if this option is not activated, audio files are progressively downloaded as you walk (on demand) using a 3G/4G data network.
Can I use SonicMaps while moving by car or any other vehicle?
This is not recommended unless the vehicle is moving really slow. SonicMaps app is mainly intended to be used as you walk. If speed is too high, and given the operative zoom level, user position will be constantly off the map (which will not be able to update fast enough).
How many sound areas can I have in a single project?
There is no limit to the number of sound areas you can have in your project, however, try not to place too many areas together as this may result in memory overload (depending on the device) and application termination. SonicMaps loads a sound into memory when you get close to its defined area (before you enter it) and unloads it on area exit. If using shorter sounds (less memory usage), the number of nearby areas might be correspondingly increased.
Can I delete a published project?
Yes, you can delete any of your published projects or older versions of it using the "delete icon" to the right of the corresponding link. This option is only visible when you log in to our website using your SonicMaps account.


SonicMaps Editor 1.3.8 Reference Manual