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Professional Solutions
SonicMaps helps business and organizations with every step involved in geo-located audio content creation and delivery. Whatever your needs or the nature of your project, we provide you with professional solutions to impress your audience.
Content Creation
Project Design and Implementation.
Audio Production
Location and Studio Recording. Sound Design. Voice-Over.
File Hosting + Dynamic Content Server
Locative Audio is all about augmenting reality through sound; finding connection between your sounds and your places. However, our environment is not static, but dynamic: everything changes over time. This is why we are introducing our Dynamic Content Server* (DCS), using server-side scripts to automatically update your project´s content depending on environment variables like time, date or even atmospheric conditions.
Imagine, for instance, a GPS-Tour for a natural park where audio descriptions are optimized for the current season of the year or even day and night cycles. The possibilities are just endless.

* Service available from 01/02/2013
Solutions by Industry
Audio Guides (GPS Tours)
Student Discounts
Geolocated Audio Games
Your podcasts just where you need them
Geolocated music & poetry. Soundscape composition
Special Events
Festivals. Corporate Events
Advertise your business