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Date Title Author Description Link
20-05-2013 Test Larmats Test runda Get Link
20-05-2013 Canal soundwalk anniegibson Get Link
20-05-2013 Canal soundwalk anniegibson Get Link
04-05-2013 16 The Furlongs rdp5 Test Get Link
27-04-2013 Recho Recho Get Link
25-04-2013 Alice Ignacio An electroacoustic locative audio composition inspired on the poem "Elegy to the memory of an unfortunate lady" by Alexander Pope. Location: Whitworth Park, Manchester, UK. Get Link
25-04-2013 Locative Audio 2013 Malaga SonicMaps Un paseo sonoro interactivo por la ciudad de Malaga Get Link
24-04-2013 Bells adamsan Get Link
22-04-2013 Didsbury Park locative A Sample Walk Get Link
18-04-2013 one little bit Chrish Not much really Get Link
09-04-2013 Latinos 14 LuisTorres Luis Torres y Virgina Aguilar Get Link
06-04-2013 11 Plaza de la Marina Sara Almendros A locative audio composition based on a poem by Maria Eloy Get Link
06-04-2013 06 Malagueta y Farola Carmen Vidal Locative audio composition inspired on a poem by Javier Noguera Get Link
06-04-2013 02 Mundo Nuevo Diana Electro acoustic Locative Audio Composition based on poems by Inma Bernils/Paloma Peñarubia and Violeta Niebla Get Link
06-04-2013 blindkids hanoi Get Link
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Sound Imagining by Jung In Jung (University of Huddersfield) & Greenhead College @ Huddersfield, UK.